Welcome to Churchbridge, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Town of Churchbridge is a welcoming and inclusive community, which is centrally located, whether for work or play.  We pride ourselves on having an excellent school system and being community focused.

Our vision is to be a, "progessive, active, and inclusive community that seeks sustainable economic and social growth that values its citizens and heritage." Our mission is to be, "an attractive community which celebrates its history, respects all of its citizens and focuses on involving its youth to have an active role in the community. With a fiscally responsible mindset, council works to market, develop, and plan for its current and future accomplishments."

Located along Highway 16 between the Manitoba border and Yorkton, we are home to a daycare, pre-school and a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school. We are in close proximity to the Mosaic Potash Mines, and we are definitely a growing community.  Our population has increased by 20% per cent since 2011. The 2016 census shows that Churchbridge has a population of 896.


Please note that Aug 18 & 19 the City of Yorkton will be in Town crack sealing our roads.

We ask that you park your vehicles in your driveways and off the road to avoid any issues.

Thank you


Community News & Event Information Quick Links
Community Events Calendar Summer Transfer Site Hours
(May. 22, 2018 - Sept 3, 2018)
Council Meetings

- Tuesday - 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
- Thursday - 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
- Saturday - 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Acceptable Recycling Items

Regular meetings will be held on the following days, starting at 7 p.m.:

- Monday, August 20
-Monday, September 10
-Monday, September 24
-Monday, October 15



NOTE Town Appointed Crow Shooters for 2018 are: Bruce Basken, Grant Jacobs, Matt Matcyk, Terry Olm

Highway 22 Bypass Awareness

Please be advised that the construction of a temporary bypass on Highway 22 just east of the K3 site is almost complete. The bypass will be used to keep the highway open during construction of the K3-K1 overland conveyor.

Mosaic plans to have Highway 22 out of service and divert traffic through the bypass starting Friday August 17th @ 6:00 pm. The bypass will be in use for approximately 6 weeks while box culverts are being installed through Highway 22. After the box culverts are installed, the highway will re-open and further closures should not be required.

Please note that the speed limit on the bypass is 60 km/h at all times, as there will be construction activities in close proximity to highway traffic. Thank you for your cooperation.

Slogan Contest

Did you know that the Town of Churchbridge is having a Slogan Contest?

We are asking the public to include the phrase, “centrally located.” Churchbridge is close to surrounding Towns as well as close in proximity to the mines, shopping, ski hill, etc. Here is our new Vision and Mission statements to help get you started:


The Town of Churchbridge is a progressive, active, and inclusive community that seeks sustainable economic and social growth and values its citizens and heritage.


Churchbridge is an attractive community which celebrates its history, respects all of its citizens and focuses on involving its youth to have an active role in the community. With a fiscally responsible mindset council works to market, develop and plan for its current and future accomplishments.

Our current slogan is “Churchbridge– Proud past, exciting future.” The ideal slogan has to be catchy, not too long, and include all the information stated previously.

The deadline for submissions is September 30th. Submissions can be dropped off at the Town Office in person or emailed to: chbgcap@sasktel.net or churchbridge@sasktel.net. There will be a reward given out to the winner. This will be determined at a later date.

Cat Issues

The Town office continues to receive complaints about CATS running at large.
According the Town Bylaw (h) Every Owner or Keeper shall ensure that their cat(s) is not being a nuisance or running at large. For more details see: http://www.churchbridge.com/office/bylaws/2015-012_Cat.pdf

The Town of Churchbridge is hopeful that all residents of the Town can live in harmony with their neighbours. Unfortunately irritants arise from time to time that do not encourage positive neighbourly relationships. Cats that are permitted to be a “nuisance and/or run at large” are one such irritant.

Informed professionals advise us that the life expectancy of an outdoor cat is considered to be very short. These cats are struck by moving vehicles, caught in the fans of motor vehicles, mauled by stray dogs, injured in cat fights, and are exposed to disease, extreme heat and severe cold. The injury or death of your pet by any cause is a highly emotional and frequently expensive experience.

We believe that the kindest thing you can do for your pet is to have it spayed or neutered and to keep it indoors. You may also wish to consider harness and/or leash training, continual outdoor supervision, or building an enclosed cat run. Any activity you elect will keep your cat out of your neighbour’s yards will help improve neighbourhood relationships. It will also keep your cat from being impounded and you from being prosecuted.

Be a responsible cat owner and a good neighbour: Spay or neuter your cat; have your cat tattooed and register, microchip implanted, or wear identification bearing your name and telephone number; keep your cat indoors, in an outdoor, enclosed cat run, on a harness or leash, or under continual supervision.


Elm Tree Awareness

Pruning of Elm Trees
6.1 Every Owner of an Elm Tree shall keep the Elm tree pruned and free of wood that is dead or dying.

6.2 No person shall prune an Elm Tree that is an Infected Tree or is a Hazard Tree unless pruning is authorized in writing by an Inspector.

6.3 No person shall prune an Elm Tree between April 1 and September 30 in any year unless:
a) the tree is damaged
b) authorization is received
c) municipal staff feel trimming is necessary to ensure human safety or to avoid damage to property.

If you are removing elm trees damaged by wind- please take them to the transfer site so that they can be destroyed properly- we do not want to chance the spread of Dutch Elm Disease.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Grass Reminder

Just a reminder to please keep your lot clean and the grass mowed. The grass at the back end of the alleys, the sides, and the ditches around your lot are the responsibility of the property owner. It is vital to maintain the area from your lot to the street to avoid attracting unwanted insects, wildlife, or animals in general.


Due to the dry condition Council passed a resolution to BAN FIREWORKS until further notice.

Council also asks that you follow the OPEN FIRE BYLAW to ensure the safety of the community during this high risk fire period.

How to prevent and prepare for a Wildfire:

- Protect your home and yard
- Use new construction materials that are made "FireSmart"
- Protect the community with developing plans to respond to the threat from wildfires or other emergencies
- Make sure to keep an eye on your campfire
- Protect your farm or ranch, educate yourself on safe ways to burn stubble, piles and windrows, or how to handle livestock in the case of a wildfire
- For schools, teachers can bring "FireSmart" into their classrooms with a kid-friendly fire ambassador booklet. Smokey the Bear is also available for classroom visits. Contact Bear.Smokey@gov.sk.ca.
-Read "FireSmart" case studies about real-life stories and how taking action before a wildfire can make a huge difference for a number of communities.

To report a wildfire please call 1-800-667-9660 or if it is an emergency always remember to dial 911. In the case of arson, call the TIP line at 1-800-667-7561 or #5555 from a SaskTel cell phone. Calls and information are confidential.

Make sure to be aware and stay safe out there!



Langenburg Central School is Hosting a Provincial Leadership Conference September 19 – 21, 2018 and are currently looking for host families.  We still require for approx 150 more spots to house these future leaders that will attend this provincial conference.   As a Host family you are required to feed them breakfast and transport them to LCS and also to Churchbridge for their final Dance & Banquet.  This conference is a great opportunity to showcase our communities!  All Host Families require Criminal Record Checks for anyone over the age of 18 in the household.  Billet Packages can be picked up at Kadaizy Flowers & Gifts in Langenburg.

For More Information contact Jami Andres (306)743-5007 wk or (306)743-7451,
or Marni Carlson (306)743-7525. 

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Southern Saskatchewan Vacation Guide 2018

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